National Museum of Woman in Art. Washington. United State. 


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National Museum of Woman in Art. Washington. United State. 

In 1960 Wilhelmina and Wallace Holladay begin a collection from works of art carried out by women and during 20 years they supplement this one patiently. In 1980 Whilhelmina Sticks Holladay has the idea to create a Museum gathering all its collections concerning the female artists. This private Museum opens in December 
1981. In 1983 it arranges meadows from the White House in Washington and off becomes the National museum of the women in Art. The National Natural history museum Women in the Arts (NMWA) gathers today about 2700 works carried out by more than 800 artists. Its goal is to acquire, present, preserve and promote works of female artists of all the periods and all nationalities. During the 20 last years the Museum organized more than 150 exposures concerning: Camille Claudel, Margaret Bourke-White, Carrie May Weems, Judith Leyster, Sofonisba Anguissola, Elisabeth Frink, and much of others. 
It also has acquired important works of Frida Kahlo, Käthe Kollwitz, Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Lotte Laserstein, Elisabeth Vigée-LeBrun, Dorothy Dehner, Joan Snyder and others…