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Willem De Kooning. Woman I . (1952). Expressionnism

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Willem De Kooning. Woman I . (1952). Expressionnism. 

Willem De Kooning is of Dutch origin and it emigrates into 1926 in the United States. Influenced by Jackson Pollock, his style, which remains have little figurative here, is of has great expressive power. The human image is dissected and recomposed. This full and spontaneous impetuous manner to Paint made of him has representative of the action painting or gestural painting name given to the abstract expressionnism of the school of New York. In this series one the women they sat all in the same position. The full eyes, mouth, and forms dominate. The painting seem to be painted quickly and with anger. What strikes the witness the physical appearance of the people. Willem De Kooning does not cuts has problem with the women, he like the beautiful women and its relations with her testifies some. It treats here the symbol and this in a rather personal way. Born in 1904 the painter knew the 2 world wars of the 20th century. The woman gives the life and being done it gives also death. It seems that in the unconscious one of the painter there is closed relationship between femininity; birth, dead conflict, and war. The relatively macabre aspect of the face of the character testifies some. 

The point of view of the witness is rather high and the glance is immediately attracted by the face. 

Because of the edge of right-hand side the character is not centered exactly, the composition is voluntarily shifted. 

The top of the body occupies one the higher third of pictorial space. The 2 lower thirds are devoted to the remainder.

The circular form is used for the bosoms, the head is a deformed rhombus, the other hot lines are often downward and the forms color are distributed in anarchistic way.

Details : 

The face, especially because of the mouth and the eyes, resembles a cadaveric mask of a great ugliness. 

Among a multitude of lines one recognizes the shape of the foot and a shoe.

The volume of the bosoms doesn’t leave any doubt, in this picture we have to make the feeder mother

Light : The light comes from the left of the model.

Colors : Harmonize between hot colors. 

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