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Warhol - Basquiat. SAMO. The Same Old shit. 


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Natalia Rudzina Artist. Digital Painting

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Warhol - Basquiat. SAMO. The Same Old shit. 

Always a moment ago when impostures are denounced. One little to cover the same old wall, every month, of a new painting, it always arrives a moment when the wall crumbles and at this time there it is not good to be under the wall… 

Andy Warhol born on August 6th, 1928 with Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania and died in New York on February 22nd, 1987 is an American artist who belongs to the movement of Pop Art.

It is the pop music which gave its notoriety to this tendency of the Sixties, Warhol is not musician, he is right music producer and the music has nothing to do with graphic art. Warhol is known in the whole world by its work of painter, musical producer, author, by his films of avant-garde, and its bonds with intellectuals, celebrities of Hollywood or rich aristocrats person.

The work of Warhol is very discussed but especially the large forgers ad infinitum state to have made Warhol forgery…. It is a problem. A big problem…
Thus it is estimated that more than 2.000 Warhol forgeries circulate in the world… 
Center Art Gallery sold in 13 years for 2,6 billion dollars of false lithographies bought 50 to 100 dollars to the forgers and resold of 2000 to 300.000 dollars with all the gogos of planet.

Can one declare a serious collector and collect Warhol ?

Yes if one is billionaire and stupid. Not if one is realistic and normal. A billionaire and not somebody of normal it is devoured by its Ego and its own image which the power of the media returns to him ad infinitum and which feeds its narcissism. 
That says the truth is always restored by those which are not concerned with the business, therefore indifferent to the lies and imposture but especially lucid.

Let us consider the graphic work of Warhol. What does it make? 
He declares: “ I started in commercial art and I want to finish with a company of art… to be good in business, it is the most attractive form of art… to earn money is an art, to work is an art, and the well led businesses are largest of arts ”.

In 1960, it carries out its first tables inspired of the comics but as Roy Lichtenstein occupies already this crenel it must change kind. 
It starts to represent soup boxes Campbell' s and Dollars, and composes also its first serigraphies on the stars American. Warhol speaks in praise of the consumer society it does not denounce anything, it is not subversive, it reproduces what it sees, it is run in the mould, it is a photocopier….

Following a ordering of the magazine Harper' s Bazaar, it begins a series of portraits of actors, celebrities, musicians and characters of the world of art by making them pose in Photomaton…. At the time the whole world uses these apparatuses. It makes several experimental films, largely improvised, without subject nor scenario. To the manner of its fabrics, these films proceed by the duplication of the same reason, as in Sleep (turned in the apartment of Giorno), where one sees the poet John Giorno in his sleep during five hours and 21 minutes !! They are fixed plans of its model in different axes of catch of sight…. There is sorrow to believe it!!! In 1964 he begins its serigraphies in 3D by reproducing boxes of ketchup Heinz or scouring pads Brillo…

In 1965, he announces officially that he gives up pictorial art for cinematographic works, but he will never stop. It is the musical group Velvet Underground which it produces which shoed its fortune. 

June 3rd, 1968, it escapes from little from dead when Valerie Solanas, militant feminist, which entrusted the manuscript of a play to Warhol without this last paying no attention to it, empties the charger of a revolver on him. It transpierces the lung, spleen, the stomach, the liver and the esophagus to him. It also shoots at the art critic and companion from Warhol, Mario Amaya and also tries to kill its business manager, Fred Hughes, before the weapon is stopped. Declared during a clinically died time, Warhol draws some from little, but it never recovers and must carry a corset until the end of its days.

The screen printed portraits of Warhol are photographs in improved black and white…. Photographs simplified in black and white, without gray, are printed in serigraphy on a painted of large flat tints of colours. The reason is sometimes reproduced several times on the painting, like a reason for wallpaper. It is the stereotype of pop Art. 

By publishing serigraphies of Mao Zedong, Lenine, El Ché, hammers and sickles Warhol gives to believe that it is subversive. It is far from being the case. Warhol is a people which produces for peoples. 
Its work is the praise of the stupidity and marketing. Or how to grow rich by taking the others for imbeciles. And as they follow it that goes…. 99% of people do not have any artistic education. 
In fact Andy Warhol is an advertizing draftsman who understood the stupidity of the consumer society and which of east was useful.

The pop movement art was launched to London in the middle of the years 1950 per Richard Hamilton and Eduardo Paolozzi, they tried out it independently one of the other. If Roy Lichtenstein and Jasper Johns are the pioneers in the USA it’s Andy Warhol which became the Pope about it… 
It is by ad infinitum reproducing the images of under culture that Warhol succeeds…

You want a Warhol ? I have one of them certified in conformity of the “ Maste r”. I yield it to you to 200 million dollars. I have also a serigraphy of Mickey Mouse to 150 million…. (-,*

During the last years Andy Warhol does not hesitate to benefit from its notoriety to put forward young artists of New York like Jean-Michel Basquiat or Keith Haring.

Jean-Michel Basquiat was born in Brooklyn on December 22nd, 1960, he died on August 12th, 1988 with Soho of an overdose of heroin and cocaine. It is an American painter of Haitian and Porto Rican origin.
In September 1968, 7 years old, Basquiat is struck by a car whereas he plays in the street. It is wounded with the arm and suffers from internal lesions which require the ablation of spleen. During her convalescence at the hospital, his mother offers a book of anatomy off to him entitled Henry Gray' s Anatomy the Human Body (Gray' s Anatomy). This work influences the artist in the first part of its work.
His parents separate the same year. In December 1976, it running away in Greenwich Village, wandering one week around Washington Park Public garden, before being stopped and brought back to his father.
Basquiat gives up the secondary school before the end of its studies, leaves the paternal house from where he is definitively banished, and leaves to settle with friends. It provides for its requirements by selling Tee-shirts and postcards for its manufacture in the street and while working in a shop for clothing.
In 1976, Jean-Michel Basquiat and his friends Al Diaz and Shannon Dawson start with graffer near the galleries of Manhattan of the messages which they sign under the pseudonym of SAMO for: The Same Old shit.

SAMO intrigues and ends up being made a reputation within the scene of art of East Village. Basquiat is invited to a television program of Glenn O' Brien and an article is devoted to him in 1978 in The Village Voice. It will continue with graffer in solo until 1979, signing the end of the project by inscription SAMO IS DEAD on the walls of Soho. 

In 1981, Rene Ricard publishes an eulogistic article heading The Radiant Child in the Artforum magazine, propelling the career of Basquiat. Annina Nosei organizes the first personal exposure of Jean-Michel Basquiat in New York. She proposes to him to settle in the basement of the gallery, finances it so that it buys painting large size, and organizes its first personal exposure. Basquiat leaves the Gallery Annina Nosei with crash with the end of the year, spends the winter in a luxurious hotel of Los Angeles and expenditure important money sums in drug.

In 1983, Jean Michel Basquiat meets Andy Warhol. Basquiat wanted to become famous and did everything to succeed. Andy Warhol is the key of the strategy of Basquiat. He seeks to meet it and has even a photograph of him above his bed.
He first of all approaches it in a restaurant to propose his postcards to him then goes in the workshop of the artist. Gradually, they stick and become friendly. He starts to post himself in public places with the mode. They end up creating more than one hundred of painting together. For Warhol, Basquiat was: “a mirror reflecting what it was, which it is and would have dreamed to be. ”

In August, Basquiat rents a workshop pertaining to Andy Warhol. This last suggests to him off following anatomical courses of drawing to the New York Academy Art, and recommends to him to place its money. In November, under the direction of Bruno Bischofberger, agent of Basquiat, “collaborations begin” which join together Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol and Francesco Clemente. On the 3 there is only one artist.
In 1985, Basquiat makes the cover of New York Times Magazine for the number entitled New Art, New Money : The Marketing of an American artist. 
Always in 1985, Basquiat and Warhol carry out paintings together that they expose to Zurich, but which are very criticized. Warhol is shown to exploit and handle his friend. This marks the end of their sincere friendship so much criticisms are bad. 

Basquiat will never recover from dead off Andy Warhol in February 1987, surviving to him only has little more than one year.
Basquiat starts to carry out a recluse existence and produced little.
In 1988, after one year and half of absence, Basquiat exposes again. In spite of the success of its exposure, it goes again to Hawaii at July, in order to look after its drug-addiction. It returns to New York on August 2nd and states to have finished some with drug. Ten days later, Jean-Michel Basquine is found died of an overdose in its apartment of Great Jones Street.
At 27 years, Basquiat leaves a work of more than 800 paintings and 1.500 drawings.

The success of Basquiat and others is explained by the fact why the discoveries of the psychoanalysis were very popular in the USA. Whereas in France the psychoanalysis is recovered by the theorists of the language with Lacan as leader. The Americans interpreted well Freud which says that the visual thought precedes all the other thoughts. In our dreams the unconscious one does not speak to us and does not use mot. It sends images to us. As opposed to what Lacan affirms. The unconscious one is not structured like a language but like an image. In fact what is ignored in France and Europe takes an major importance in the United States. Too much important even because the expression of the finally released unconscious forces whereas they were repressed led so a long time to an opposite effect of what it passed before, this expression is overestimated. 

It is what denounce of many psychiatrists and psychoanalysts in the USA as of the Sixties Bettelheim at the head. And Bettelheim is well placed to do it because art, the esthetics and the history of art were its first trade and as a psychiatrist and a psychoanalyst it is in daily contact with the often fantasmatics productions of schizophrenic spirits and the overflows of the unconscious one. 
How to not see with Basquiat a teenager who has problems of identity.
Bettelheim affirms that the psychoanalysis does not have anything to learn to us on nature creativity and artistic work. The often unexpected and generally abnormal achievements of children disturbed emotional interest it as delirious images which live them that they seek to thus express to relieve. 
But these overflows led it to the idea that the children invent images but which they are not creative. They produce drawings prodigiously interesting but not Art. The most attractive dream which is the expression of the deepest layers of unconscious is as well as possible only one clinical material gross. It cannot make a good poem, a good news, a good novel nor a work of Art Bettelheim adds that it is alarming for a psychoanalyst to see how much modern teaching and artistic teaching in particular echoed the ideas of the psychoanalysis. It is difficult to understand the professors of art who support that the fact of giving free course to unconscious can have an educational, therapeutic or artistic value. They are not breadths manifestation of unconscious, but rather the control of the unconscious tendencies, the tender of creative faculty to a strong esthetic discipline which only allow the work of Art.
The overflows of unconscious must be chooses carefully, rigorously worked by a critical spirit and ordered in a tradition understood well. Without that impossible to speak about of Art. The unconscious one should not be repressed, that is to say, it can become the source of a great vitality but only when it was controlled by the forces of ego and was enriched by him. One needs an implementation disciplined of the chaotic unconscious material and as this one is transformed and in forms which are significant as well for the artist himself as for the others. The professors of art, the galerists, the critics, the curators of a museum must know which terrible discipline is essential to the realization of a significant artistic work. How, then, the overflow of unconscious can they be accepted like true creations or a means of carrying them out ? And especially that nobody comes to speak about modern art. At the origin of the Modern art there are Van Gogh, Gauguin and Cezanne, Braque and Dufy which at the beginning looked at painting lasting Cézanne of the days and then Braque which speaks about it with Picasso lasting about the weeks… With Basquiat and Warhol no reference to all that. Warhol knows that he is a photocopier and that it misses creativity, it binds with Basquiat which has an important unconscious material gross. But an unconscious expression not controlled is only the drawings of a teenager who has problems of identity. To speak about art on this subject is a perversion even concept of Art, but as at the time the unconscious one is with the mode and than any expression of this one is carried to naked it was all one clicks to profit from godsend and for selling the painting expensive. It is Warhol which requires of Basquiat no more drawn on wall. Impossible to sell a transitory draw on a wall. However Basquiat knew with what it was with the catches with its drawings because, of itself, at the beginning, it baptizes its work SAMO for : Same Old shit. Somebody who has problems of identity knows it. And it also knows that it is taken in the bow net as in a trap. The drawings of Basquiat would have had a great interest for a therapeutist that it forever desired to have. Now if it is cretins to buy that 1, 5, 10 millions of dollars… Ok . It is the price to be paid when sense of smell is missed…
When Andre Breton presents to Freud works lunatics, Sigmund grandfather lends no interest to it. Jean Dubuffet in 1947 collects works of lunatics and starts to paint in this kind that he names Art Brut. This movement quickly fell in disuse. All this the art critics know it but do not speak about it, because no critic can go against the market, the large galleries, the auction-rooms and the large museums. 
Albert Einstein declared : “There are two things which are infinite: universe and the human silly thing, even if for the first I still have doubts…” 
Welcome in an objective world where credulity is enemy.