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The 3 essential Art videos of Summer 2019 !

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Currently it leaves the hundreds 
of vidéos every day. 

Difficult all to see and all to look at. Let us pass 
on the multiple videos of sport, surfing, roller and sporting 
exploits in any kind, also let us pass on the comic vidéos 
putting in scene animals or babies, let us pass also 
especially on the thousands of vidéos where the protagonists 
put themselves in scene to make accept false accidents 
or falls in any kind. You will see this with the TV on the various 
chains which thus indirectly swindle you by the image. 

There are the videos of Art that nobody shows you and 
who however advance the things. 

During the summer 2019 3 vidéos appeared that you should 
have seen but that you missed, because on leave! 
Fortunately we were there, with the mounting… 

Flurry. Is a video of Mike Pelletier who 
Miss dances and the colour.

The deformation of the bodies, and the faces is one 
of the tendencies of the moment. But up to now nobody 
had thought of associating multiple colors with it. Mike Pelletier 
did it and it is a video that Degas would have adored ! 

Flurry. Animation : Mike Pelletier.


Full Screen :

 Sometimes it is not the use of the special effects 
which makes the value of a video. 

Even if there is always a little. It is its scenario.

Polly Pocket - Daniela Andrade seems to be at the beginning 
a video banal but its scenario in cascade 
quickly comes to upset this impression. 

Polly Pocket - Daniela Andrade. Video of Jeremy Comte.

Full Screen :

Here a video which points out furiously what makes 
Thomas Blanchard. But the realizer at the beginning 
of the video binds the infinitely small to the infinitely great. 

When one mixes chemical substances coloured in a liquid 
with movement and that one films in Macro HD one 
obtains certain effects. 

But what exists on the scale microscopic 
also exists in the universe. The images of telescope 
show us each day that cosmos is not calm everywhere. 

Supernovas, Clusters of stars, Pulsars, explosions of stars 
and collisions of galaxies occur everywhere in the universe, 
all the time. And the images should not be quite 
different from what you see in Unity. 

UNITY. video of Rus Khasanov.

We enclose the subject with a video which at the beginning 
seems to be a video of charm as there is million of them, 
but in the middle of the Cellophane video it occurs an event 
which involves us in a swirl of madness which transforms 
the end of the truly magic clip one moment and by impossible 
to circumvent Vidéo of Björk The Gate, of the same author, 
who is a treasure of creativity. 

FKA Twigs. Cellophane. Video of Andrew Thomas Huang. 

Full Screen :

Björk - The Gate. Video of Andrew Thomas Huang. 

Full Screen :

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