Painting annealed glass.

The Color

The Composition



Watercolour, Gouache, Pastel

The Fresco

The art of the stained glass

Creative craftsmen

Restoration of the Old Stained glasses


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Painting annealed glass.

Supplies : Tracing paper, pencil, paper drawing, adhesive tape, felt with fine point, resin, alcohol or acetone, carbon paper, colors, cups, solvent, brushes. It is necessary to choose the drawing according to the object to be decorated. For example for a reason to be carried out on the pane of a window when you found this one it should be deferred on tracing paper, by superimposing paper with the drawing while taking care well that it is fixed with adhesive tape. Then one withdraws the copy and one passes by again with a black felt with fine point on the features of the pencil in order to obtain a more visible copy. This level it is possible to make personal modifications to the original drawing. If the drawing is too small to be deferred on glass it is necessary to carry out the enlargings which are appropriate.