Museums of Vatican. Rome. Italy.


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Museums of Vatican. Rome. Italy. 

The museums of the Vatican are the seat of some of the largest treasures of art, located in the palate of the Vatican, in Rome, residence of the popes since 1377. The Sixtine vault and Stanze, row of 4 parts decorated by Raphaël between 1503 and 1520, are attached at these institutions of Vatican. The museums Pio-Clementino and Chiaramonti contain the largest collection of sculptures of the Greek and Roman Antiquity of the world while the Vatican library contains imposing Egyptian and Etruscan collections. The museums of the Vatican also include the museum of Religious art modern and, especially, the Art gallery of Vatican gathering important works of the Italian Rebirth.
The museums of the Vatican preserve the oldest collection of art in Europe.
The palate of the Vatican did not cease being increased by the successive popes. In the beginning residence strengthened along the Saint-Peter basilica, it became a vast palate, including 5 hectares of buildings and gardens. 
Almost the totality of the palate is opened with the public.