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The Beaudier Painter : Incandescenc.(2010)

Structurellism of the Beaudier Painter

The Beaudier Painter : Utimate Amplitude.(2010). Structurellism.

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Peintre Beaudier - Grand Palais - du 23 au 28 novembre 2010
envoyé par picatv. - L'info video en direct.

The Beaudier Painter: Ultimate Amplitude. (2010). Sructurellism.
The Beaudier Painter always breaks up the side structural of nature but the moment is not any more the same one… It is here about fallen the night. At this time where the colors change moment in moment, where they mix always drawing towards the reds, the mauves or oranges. The keys of color start from a center slightly shifted compared to the tree. It is a structured light of end-of-day which explodes towards the eyes of the spectator. The light and the colors come from the center as of an invisible sun what makes it possible to give an organized central vision or the red colors dominate. There is always a visual effect of radiation and this one is accentuated by the red which radiates and base plate sky and ground. The red is a color extremely acting, it means blood and fire, it is impassioned and aggressive. Here is an explosion of emotions, feelings, of passion and feelings intense but which remain always arranged and controlled, by way of the organized force. 

Work is presented of face, the spectator is confronted with the center. 
It is a question of a center from which the colors explode in especially oblique lines.

From the central point of view (traditional prospect) all perpendicular lines convergent towards a single break point, located at the center of the composition, thus allowing to create depth and to divide space into multiple plans where take seat each element.

Emanate from the center, the zones of colors emerge like projector. The red largely dominates. The red is the color of the sentimental function, when the red emerges the heart is ready with the action. Work transmits energy in the form of total gift but also of conquest, passion or suffering but also of distress… This explosion of hot colors can be makes think of a sunset, without the sun not being there, this moment always fascinated the impassioned and romantic hearts.

Recovery with before plan of the central element. The shapes of the tree practically located at the center of work are taken again with before plan. This process makes it possible to insist on the symbolism of this universal prototype. Let us recall that the tree is before all the allegory of what in us is calm, natural, and evolves to a harmonious balance of the person in accordance with the internal laws. The tree is not as one could easily think it a symbol male and paternal, because it is generally close to a stretch of water and that its roots need moisture so that it lives it is closer to the mother and a maternal symbolism. The state of the tree, with or without sheets, twisted or broken gives indications on the positive aspect or negative.

The center is the source of the obliques which generate the colors but also several forms resembling at birds, birds are ideas which goes up towards the sky and the thought. The tree is located in front of the center, therefore in front of the sun…
Branches seem broken or damaged by the red color and heat… There are wounds which one cures badly…. 

The Tree being positioned in front of the center - sun it is logical that it generates a shade with before plan. This form, almost outlines, is not reassuring, especially as a deformation. If the tree represents the human one, the sun and the red the life and the passion which can affirm that sometimes, in the life one are not burned. And that sometimes one is done very badly. If you have a doubt question the artist who will answer you… or not…

Chronological interpretation indicates that on the left, in the past, it ya of passion in the action, the relations or the feelings. (In bottom). On the right in the present or the future there is especially in the ideas and the thought. The red takes the shape of clouds. The high part is always clear and luminous. The spirit is light. The gradually obscured low part, the flesh is not eternal. 

The most luminous colors are expelled by the center to the top and towards the past. Towards the left and the sky. The spiritual world is filled up of light, the world of the men is much darker. 
Color: Contrasts between complementary. 

Harmonize and contrasts.
the carryforward of the colors used to work out the fabric on the chromatic circle indicates a contrast between complementary colors. Blue and orange, red and green are complementary colors.