Tretiakov Gallery. Moscow. Russia. 


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Tretiakov Gallery. Moscow. Russia. 

The Tretiakov Gallery, refitted according to principles museographic modern and reopened in 1994, is exclusively dedicated to Russian painting.
This gallery of state has a single collection of Russian art which includes the masterpiece over one thousand years period.
The gallery was rested by a trader, Pavel Tretyakov, which gave its collection to the town of Moscow in 1892. Since the gallery of Tretyakov became a famous museum of world. Nowadays it contains more than 170 000 paintings carried out by Russian artists, religious painting with the modern art.
In December 1998 an exposure relates to art at the 20th century. The exposure covers the history of art to the turning of the 20th century, the avant-garde and socialist realism. In May 2000 another exposure covers the Russian art of the middle of the Fifties at the end of the years 1990. In 2006 the gallery of Tretyakov state celebrated its 150ème birthday.