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Jean Marie Barre : Transfer. French Photorealist,Suprealist.

Comments of the artist : " Allowed demolition for a real promotion of a hotel Saint Vallier. Balcony of the Riviera. So many loves swept… ".

Caution ! It is indeed of a painted work, and not a photograph. The photorealism challenges the witness because it imitates by a perfect and frozen technique the perfection of photography what gives an impression of horn the eye. The goal is to draw the attention by the technique but the movement has also something to say on the bottom. 
It seeks to flush out the illusions of reality by an exaggerated and too perfect representation. In thisdirection it declares by the technique: " Caution the sight does not see all ". It is perfectly contrary to Vinci when this one declares :" to see with the eyes is the same thing as to see with the spirit ". The artist photorealist says him: " See as your directions can mislead you ! Try to see with another thing! ". 

Work is not at all innocent, the palm trees with the background, the vehicle rusted and given up, the licence of demolition on the frontage, the high grass and the vegetation which seems to invade and attack the vehicle, the obscure part of work plunging towards clearness…all these elements induce the feeling of an abandonment, a final loss and the heavy threat of the lapse of memory… It is an invitation with the reflexion on the feeling of loss and what it remains when time passes…