Topkapi Museum. Turkey. 


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Topkapi Museum. Turkey. 

The palate of Topkapi is the old main home of the sultans of the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul. The palate was the seat of the Ottoman government and the residence of the sultan. The construction of the palate begins in 1459, on the order of the sultan Mehmet II who seizes Constantinople before six years. It installs its court in 1465 there. The various buildings composing the current palate were set up between XVth and the XIXth century. In 1924 the palate is transformed into Museum.
The buildings are isolated the ones from the others by 4 large courses and several gardens, thus separation it was ensured between the Couch, room of the council where the viziers sat, the School of the palate, intended for the civil servant and the private apartments, of which the Harem constituted the most invaluable part. The Topkapi museum contains one of the most beautiful collections of Islamic art of the world.