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The Colors of Feelings.Thomas Blanchard. 


The Colors of Feelings.Thomas Blanchard. 

“Art always conceals evocations of the condition mortal”.
Mark Rothko.

“Art to paint is only art to express the invisible one by the visible one”.
Eugene Fromentin. 

To illustrate these two quotation we present to you it video of Thomas Blanchard. 

Thomas carried out a video experimental. He mixes painting, oil, milk, honey, cinnamon. 
Then it puts the whole in circular motion and it films. 

Curiously the result is not as abstract as one could have expected it. 

He is even very expressionnist. 

The author makes an analogy between the colours moving and the feelings. 
Anger, love, sadness, joy, sorrow mix 
and separate and are constantly moving. As in our spirits or a thought rises succeeding another starting 
positive or negative emotions in a balas eternal that nothing can stop. 

Is our life other thing that this ballet of transitory forms ? Doesn't all change continuously ? 
Do the sheets of the trees in the park, the light in the part where you read these lines, 
the seasons, time that it makes, the hour that it is, 
the people whom you cross in the street ? And what is it us ? All don't our last actions appear to us today like a dream ? 

The friends with whom we grew, places of our childhood, points of view 
and opinions that we defend formerly 
with such an amount of obstinacy: all that, we left it behind us. Now, at this moment, 
to read this text seems to us completely real. 
However, even this page and these colours will be soon nothing 
any more but one to remember.

The cells of our body die, the neurons of our brain worsen; and even the expression 
of our face changes unceasingly, with the liking of our moods. 
What we regard as our fundamental character 
is nothing more than one “ current of thought ”. Today the life seems to us beautiful because all is well; 
tomorrow, it will be the opposite. Where will our beautiful optimism have passed ? New influences 
we will have affected, with the liking of the circumstances. We are impermanent. 

The influences are impermanent, and there does not exist only one can qualify the stable one or of durable.

What is there of more unforeseeable than our thoughts and our emotions ? Have you to it less idea 
of than you will think or feel in one moment ? Our spirit, actually, is also empty, also impermanent and as 
transient as a dream. Observe a thought : it comes, it remains and from goes away. The past passed, 
the future did not appear yet and the current thought, at the time when make 
we the experiment of it, is moulted already in past.

Actually, only the moment present, “now”, belongs to us.

Here what this video of Thomas Blanchard illustrates. 

Art to paint is only art to express the invisible one by the visible one. 
Eugene Fromentin. French Painter. 

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