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Pierre Auguste Renoir : On the Terrace.

This table gone back to 1879 fact left last impressionist works Renoir. A still life, two portraits and a landscape with the background are the object of the painting.

Pierre Auguste Renoir uses a violent one contrasts between two complementary colors, the green and the red, to emphasize the characters. The fabric is in extreme cases of the kinds, between the portrait and the landscape, in the purest impressionist style.

This study on the light and the color has a major harmony, by the construction of the fabric, the colors of the pallet used like by balance between the various subjects of the pictures.

Here Renoir completely has its subject and its style but soon this one will change following an esthetic crisis and this change is concretized in the pictures by a change in manner. From 1883 and until 1888 the painting are known as " dry " period, " sour " or " ingresque ".