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Jacopo Robusti says Tintoret. Tarquin and Lucrèce. 1580/90.

Tarquin the Superb one is last king de Rome before the Republic, he is the son-in-law of sixth king de Rome, Servius Tullius, which he makes assassinate to seize the power.

With its rise on the throne, it abolishes the constitutional reforms of its predecessor and tries to establish a despotic State. After his/her Sextus son had raped Roman matrone, Lucrèce, woman of the nephew of the king, who commits suicide then, a popular revolt détrône Tarquin and drives out its family of Rome.

The fabric expresses all the violence of the scene, a page seems already dead and Tarquin itself seems to want to violate Lucrèce. The collar of pearl is torn off. The bottom of the fabric the disastrous dagger awaits Lucrèce.