The Sixtine Vault. Rome. Italy.


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The Sixtine Vault. Rome. Italy.

The vault today known as Sixtine is the new palatine vault of the Vatican set up as from 1475 on the orders of Sixth IV and under the supposed direction of Baccio Pontelli. It is a vast room of 40 m out of 13,5 m, a height of 21m . This parallelepiped presents outside the austere aspect of a church fortress. In the beginning, the ceiling was made of a vault with glasses painted in blue with gilded stars. Within the framework of the great work which it begins for the Saint-Peter basilica, Jules II undertakes a Re decoration of the vault in XVIth century. In 1508, it orders from Michel-Angel the decoration of the whole of the vault. This gigantic fresco, completed in 1512, shows the characteristic to seek a bond between architecture and painting, and proposes an interesting reflection on the topic of decorative and the narrative one. Thanks to painting, Michel-Angel highlights the structure of the surbased vault, which it punctuates of concave triangles prolonged by glasses above the openings. In 1533, Clément VII orders from Michel-Angel celebrates it fresco of the last Judgment, intended for the wall of the chorus of the vault, and a Fall of the rebellious angels, for the opposite wall.