Alfred Sisley

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Alfred Sisley (1839 - 1899)

English painter, Sisley is however significant representing French impressionism.

It is only after having left England in 1862 that it turns to painting. In spite of its interest at the beginning for the landscapes of Constable and Turner dice 1870 it is Influencé by Corot and Courbet, its style approaches Monet, Renoir, Bazille and Pissarro which it meets with the workshop of Gleyre. It paints in outside, especially landscapes of the Island of France.

Ruined by the war of 1870 it must then provide for its requirements while combing. Its work becomes extensive, it preserves like subjects the villages and the landscapes around Paris and it succeeds in granting a different atmosphere to them according to the season, the hour of the day and the luminosity. Present during the first impressionist exposure in 1874, contrary to Monet, Alfred Sisley never knew the glory of alive sound. Recluse it even refuses to present his fabrics at the last impressionist exposure de1886.

Towards the end of its life its key becomes more broken up and its hotter colors.

Today it is considered rightly a major painter among the impressionists.