Georges Seurat

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George Seurat (1859 - 1891)

George Seurat produced relatively few works but each one of its fabrics marks its time and nourishes the artistic debate. Very quickly it is interested in the rules of optics and develops the divisionnism.

He becomes thus the head of file of the neo-impressionists. The divisionnism named also sometimes the pointillism consists in posing on the fabric of small keys of pure color and juxtaposing them. It is the eye of the witness who operates the optical mixture of the pigments and which makes the synthesis of returned colors. By sound living many impressionists took as a starting point him. Died prematurely in 1891 to 32 years of a striking down meningitis, George Seurat is regarded as one of the most significant founders of modernity.

Its work will fill with enthusiasm later the deer, the futuristic ones and the cubists.