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Sandra Chevrier. Women out of cage of color.


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 Sandra Chevrier. Women out of cage of color.

The universe of the Comics and the super heroes is enough misogynist, Marvell and the other editors of comics did not make work much women. The hour of revenge, and the parity, sounded ! Here thus where fantastic Batman, Superman and other spiders are perched now. They are sometimes exotic places… 

Discover what become the old comics once passed between the hands of Sandra ! 

Astonishing not ! Still a Québécois cousin who has talent ! If you have days before comics with the attic 
send to it all to Montreal, Quebec. Sandrine cheer ! 

It is necessary to continue and push this idea until the end ! 

When the film director Patrick Peris enters the universe of Sandra Chevrier the little moments of the day to day life of the artists becomes an enchainment of poems. The spectator takes place in Sandra's sacred home of creation and watches the work while it becomes alive trough the eye of the creator.

Sandra Chevrier currently lives in Montreal, Quebec. She is a gaze collector, an idea chaser and a full time single mom. Her work takes her traveling over a broad range of fluctuating emotional enigmas and concepts that have set the standard of our modern communication. 

Working in a home studio, Sandra produces her work at a full-time scale, 
aggressively pursuing a common thread until it is worn away, 
leaving her to begin on a new path.
She exposes the limitations within our world, our self-imposed expectations 
and the cages we have allowed to bar us from fullness of life's experience.

A dance between reality and imagination, truth and deception, cure and poison, fantastic and Art . 

Sandra Chevrier (Facebook)


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