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Dalila Imadalou. Eastern Sails. (2011).

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Dalila Imadalou. Eastern Sails. (2011). Watercolour and joining.

The watercolour is a technique in which the pigments are watered in water. It is characterized above all by its transparency, paper remaining visible through the colors which form an effect of veil. One mixes a dry powder pigment with gum arabic which, drawn from certain acacias, is solidified while evaporating. The solid material is diluted in water, then applies to paper using a brush to flexible hairs. For one to obtain the smoothness of such a hot color gradation one can use only the watercolour. Only the work of water running quickly on the web gives such a precision and changes of let us tons of such a softness. For the sails the artist used Japanese paper, and feathers were stuck for the chechmates. This kind of composition which uses only one tension field and leaves the 3 quarters of pictorial space empties of any element (except for the bottom) was very much used in China. During the period, named Song of the South (1127-1279), the artists invent a style of landscape known under the name of school My-Xia, according to the names of the two Masters, My Yuan and Xia Gui. The fog is always a paramount element of the composition, it suggests the mass of the landscape and gives to the paintings a character ethereal lightness. To amplify the feeling of space and infinite, the artists limit sometimes their painting to only one angle of the picture, leaving the naked remainder. These same principles are taken again and used here. With final these 3 small sailing ships give us as much an extremely harmonious fabric by the colors that by the composition and especially a calm poetic environment. One approaches here the harmony of any thing and it is a rare thing in painting. 
The point of view of the spectator is relatively low, it is at the level of the 3 small ships.
The group of sailing ships is on the left tension field between 2 natural point of interest.
By including the reflections about a third of pictorial space is used.
The Painting is built on the downward diagonal, this one separates well spaces full with empty spaces.
The 2 sailing ships are practically edges on board, of Japanese paper was stuck for the veils, of the feather for the masts.
This boat is slightly in withdrawal. Its sail is rather curved signs that there is wind.

The watercolour gives much smoothness to the range. Under the color one perceives the grain of paper.

Light : 
The light seems to come from bottom, of the 2 with dimensions ones. The luminous zones are the reflections of water, and the parts of the sky containing of the orange yellow.

Colors : Harmonize between hot colors.
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