The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Netherlands.  



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Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Netherlands.

Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam is the largest museum of art and of history of the Netherlands, it is located in a building built by the Cuijpers architect. The collections are consisted of the painting of the gold Century of Dutch with twenty works of Rembrandt, four of Vermeer and many other paintings of famous artists like Frans Hals (the Merry drinker), Jacob Van Ruysdael (Seen of Haarlem; the Windmill close to Wijk bij Duurstede) and Jan Steen. Examples of the painting of the schools Italian (Fra Angelico, Tintoret) and Spanish (Greco, Velasquez) are preserved in the museum. One can admire there splendid silver objects, porcelain of Delft, doll's houses, engravings, drawings, Asian art and to discover finally there the history of the Netherlands.