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Fernande Garay. Rainbow. (2009). Abstract Art. 

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Fernande Garay. Rainbow. (2009). Abstract Art. 

The rainbow, in particular circumstances, connects the ground to the sky. It’s a visual effect. It shows the colors of the prism in the order, it is produced by the drops of rain suspended in the air. One usually observes it in the sky contrary to the sun at the end of a downpour and in the fog of droplets of the water falls. This coloured way rising towards the skies always struck the imaginary one of the men so much so that at several times and in various cultures one regards it as a divine demonstration. Its symbolic range is simple, this way is that which we traverse, the way of the life. But the unconscious one has many other means of expressing the life and the way. If it makes it in this form it is that it refers certainly to divine and the way becomes then before any monk. The rainbow implies the presence of the sun, the light, water, and the sky. Large prototypes of the life. But of a life which rises towards eternity in the joy. In this direction one can consider that this road is a refuge and a hope.

The rainbow is represented by the yellow tear line. The point of view of the spectator is located just in lower part. As if it were about a horizon. 
Various elements rise and the picture seems moving of the left towards the line.

Once the tension fields are traced aware is become that the hottest colors : the yellow, the orange the pink-red are present in all the zones. 

The direction of reading is chronological, from the left towards the right. Completely on the left remote past, in the center a less remote past or present, on the right recent past, present or future. 

The painting is built on the large ascending diagonal from left to right. 
It expresses an idea of rise. As a little everywhere of the birds fly away towards 
the sky it acts certainly of a rise of the soul towards eternity and the divine one. 

Details :

This scene seems to represent an young girl in prayer on the left, in front of 1 or 2 older women with the long hair.

One distinguishes a child in the center and the shapes of birds around. Symbolically the birds were always regarded as carriers of soul. It is with them that the soul of late joined the sky. 

In the center one perceives a swirl, an upheaval, with strange things around and always of the birds which rise towards the sky. The zone is dark, terrible perhaps… 

On the right the gray and pink parts make think of a monster or a formless thing with a head and 2 arms. The character comes to take something… 

Light : The parts them + luminous are located on the rainbow and around it. It seems to diffuse the light to the bottom of the painting.

Colors : Harmonie entre couleurs chaudes, seul le bleu, seule couleur froide, contraste violemment. 

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