Francesco Primaticcio says Primatice

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Francesco Primaticcio says Primatice. (1504-1570).

Painter, graphic designer, decorator and architect it was born in Bologna. Formed by Giulio Romano it collaborates with him in the Palate of Tè and the Palate Ducal in Mantoue. It is also influenced by the Parmesan and Correge.

In 1531 François 1st fact call to him to decorate the castle with Fontainebleau under the direction of Rosso Fiorentino. The 2 artists create the style known as of the school of Fontainebleau and carry out many frescos and decorations. Primatice travels to 3 recovery to Italy in order to complete there tables on behalf of the King and discovers in Rome works of Antiquity as well as the fabrics and frescos of Raphaël and Michel-Angel. With the death of Fiorentino in 1540 it takes the work management of Fontainebleau and carries out its major work, the Gallery of Ulysses (1541-1570) destroyed under Louis XIV and the room of the Ball (1551-1556).

It is very clever as regards decoration, it combines very plastic painting and stuccos. It has a very idealized vision of its characters.

Its influence on French art tightened decisive.