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Maria Remedios Varo. Premonition. (1953).

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Maria Remedios Varo. Premonition. (1953).

The Painting is presented in the form of a vision of the artist on the destiny of humanity in the middle of the universe. In top of the picture one recognizes the sky, the planets and the stars, on the line our galaxy is even represented. In the center of the image an apparatus similar to a weaving loom produced the wire which is used to work out fabric of clothing of women to the pace of nuns. This refers to Roman mythology where 3 Parques president with the human destinies, them Parques are divinities of the life who decide birth, marriage and death. They are similar to the three Greek Moires : 3 Sisters, Nona, Decima and Morta they have as a role to spin the episodes of the human destiny : the first weaves the wire of the life, the second rolls up it, the third cuts it when the moment came. Except that here the energy which is used to constitute this wire comes from cosmos. On the ground the screen of fabric is represented. The human being is not free, it is the consequence of an energy which comes from in top. The vertical decoration and elements underline this force which moves from top to bottom. These clothes coming from the sky give to these women majesty and austerity but they is also a load and blocks their freedom. They erase the personalities and prevent the movement of the bodies. The human one is nothing any more but one simple link victim of forces which exceed it undergoes its destiny and does not choose it. The painting can be regarded as an indirect criticism and symbolic system of the religion and any thing which would like to dictate its behavior with the man by denying his freedom. This correctly translated the rather libertarian thought of Maria Rémédios Varo. 

There exists a horizon to the background. The point of view of the spectator is at the level of the wheels of the mechanism and the glance attracted by the characters tends to go down. 

The principal and secondary mechanism are located in the vicinity of natural points of interest. It is the same for the group of characters in bottom of the picture.

One the higher third of pictorial space is reserved for cosmos, the central part with the 2 mechanisms, the bottom of painting on the ground and the characters. 

A great majority of the guiding lines are vertical, symbolizing the energy which comes from in top. Work is built on the large diagonal from left to right which must be regarded as downward. 

Details : 

These wheels connected to the stars by straps or belts produce the wire of the reels which is woven on the ground, it constitutes the clothing of the characters.

With the background several towers are visible. Omnipresent in the work of Rémedios Varo the tower connect the ground to the sky. The world of the matter to the field of the ideas. 

The characters seem rigid and fixed, as paralyzed by their clothes which they trail behind them like a burden.

Light : The light comes the top, on the 2 sides. This reinforces the feeling of a force which comes from in top, feeling also induced by the vertical guiding lines. 

Colors: Harmonize between hot colors.

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