Museum of Prado. Madrid. Spain.


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Museum of Prado. Madrid. Spain.

Exposing a seventh of its collections, the museum of Prado shelters approximately 8 600 paintings as well as many sculptures (approximately 700 parts), more than 5 000 drawings, some 2 000 engravings and as many decorative works of art. Works constituting the collections of the Museum of Prado have 3 sources 
different. Works which come from the royal collections (more than 3000), the paintings coming from the contribution following fusion with the Museum of the Trinity (a little more than 2000) and finally works named new acquisitions. The collections of Prado are remarkable by works of the Spanish artists like Goya, Velasquez, Murillo, Greco but also by works of the Italian school like 
Titien: more than 30 paintings of the artist, of the portrait of pageantry (Charles Quint with horse, 1548) to the mythological paintings (Danae receiving the gold rain, 1553) while passing by religious painting (Christ washes the feet of its disciples, 1547). But also famous Annunciation of Fra Angelico (1430-1432), 3 monumental panels of the History of Nastagio degli Onesti of Sandro Botticelli (1482-1483) and the Holy Family with the lamb of Raphaël (1507). Come then Corrège (Noli me Tangere, 1525), Paolo Véronèse (Jesus among the Doctors in the Temple, 1558), Caravage (David and Goliath, 1599-1600) and Giambattista Tiepolo (Vision of San Pascual Bailón, 1769).