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Jacopo Carrucci da says Jacopo da Pontormo (1494-1557).

Wire of a Florentin painter he is successively the pupil of Vinci, Albiternelli, Pierro di Cosimo and Andréa del Sarto. Its First known work is a fresco : The Visitation (1516). From 1522 to 1525 it paints a cycle strongly influenced by engravings of Dürer for the cloister of Chartreuse de Galuzzo. With the church of San Felicita of Florence one finds through the Annunciation and especially the Deposition the principal characteristics of his style. A monumental aspect and drawn bar of the characters, the sinuosity of the drawing, the overlap of the silhouettes, an impression of undulation in space, contrasts between tone sharp and luminous and cold colors.

Its style points out that of the Michel-Angel of the Sixtine Vault.

Pontormo sticks to the personality of the characters and the attitudes of its models. The representations are at the same time artificial and tormented.

Protected by Médicis it decorates the large room with the Imperial Villa with Poggio with Cariano and it paints paperboards noticed for the cycle of tapestries of the History of Joseph (1545-1549).

Its portraits of old Côme de Médicis (1518) after the death of this one, of Alexandre de Médicis (about 1525) of Prince Cosimo 1st and an Engraver of Semiprecious stone are very attaching.