Picasso Museum. Barcelona. Spain.


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Picasso Museum. Barcelona. Spain. 

Opened with the public in 1963 the Picasso museum has a bottom of 4249 works of the Master. Barcelona is the reference because it is the city where Picasso began its formation with regard to the visual arts. Even if it were born in Malaga in 1896 Picasso passes the entrance examination of the School of the fine arts of Barcelona. It there will paint its large academic painting Science and Charity (1897), where his father plays the part of a doctor near a nun, a child and a sick woman what reflects well its traditional formation and its Catalan anchoring. This museum was wanted by the artist and his friend Jaume Sabatés. Picasso wanted to have its museum
with Barcelona and not elsewhere and one is astonished that other cities can have opened or claim to open a museum with his name… In 1960, Pablo Picasso and his friend and personal secretary Jaume Sabartés, propose with the town hall of Barcelona the creation of a museum dedicated to its work. In 1963 the museum becomes a reality with the Aguilar Palate and number 15 of the street Montcada. The bottom contains the personal collection of Sabartés, the collection of the Museum of Arts of Barcelona and the donation of the collector Lluís Garriga Roig.