Francesco Mazzola says the Parmesan.

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Francesco Mazzola says the Parmesan. (1503 -1540).

Born in 1503 in Parma it results from a family of painters which gives him the bases of her art. It works in 1519 with Corrège in Parma and it is illustrated since 1522 while combing certain frescos of San Giovanni of Parma. It develops a personal research mannerist with his Self-portrait in a Convex Mirror (1522).

From 1523 to 1527 it remains in Rome where it discovers Raphaël, Michel-Angel and Giulio Romano (Jules Romain). Its talent is confirmed through works like the Vision De Saint-Jérôme or the Madonna in the Rose and the Madonna Of Holy Marguerite. After 4 years in Bologna it regains Parma where it devotes 8 years (1531 -1539) to the frescos of San Maria della Steccata and 6 years with the Virgin with the Child With the Angels known as the Virgin with the Long Neck (1534 -1540).

Its elegant lines, the slim silhouettes of its characters and the harmony of its colors do of it one of the artists most endowed with the mannerism.