Orsay Museum. Paris. France. 

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Orsay Museum. Paris. France. 

The museum of Orsay is mainly installed in the old station of Orsay. This one, 
built in less than two years (1898 - 1900) by the architect Victor Laloux (1850 - 1937), Grand Prix of Rome in 1878, reconciles architecture academic and industrial architecture of the age of the railroad. The latter is characterized in Orsay by the metal structures, the pillars and the beams of cast iron and, especially, the nave with high canopy, decorated boxes of Roman thermal baths, which do of them one of the architectural symbols boldest of the Art nouveau. The museum of Orsay is a national museum open to the public in December 1986 to expose in all its diversity, the artistic creation of the western world of 1848 to 1914. It has summer made up of national collections coming primarily from three establishments: the museum of Louvre for works of artists born as from 1820, the museum of Jeu de Paume devoted since 1947 to impressionism and the national museum of Modern art which, when it settled in 1976 in the Center Georges Pompidou, preserved only works of artists born after 1870. The collections of Orsay are very famous for works of the impressionists.