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The Beaudier Painter. Oceane Symphony. Video. Structurellism.

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The Beaudier Painter. Oceane Symphony. Video. Structurellism. 114 x 195 cm. 

The Sea is a subject, a true subject. Cradle of the life and symbol of unconscious in the dream. We come from water. The life began on ground in water and we let us keep conscience of it. Carl Gustav Jung speaks about it like large universal prototype and in front of this painting of the Beaudier Painter a question arises. The man one day does not have you it tested the desire for painting in front of a rising or a sunset on water ? One thinks of the famous paintings of Claude the Lorraine one, with the Watercolours of Turner, the port of Le Havre represented by Monet. The important paintings which marked the history of art represent water, the sea or the ocean. This oceane symphony is original by its form, by its colour but also by its title. Another painter refers to the world of the music in his works it acts of Wassily Kandinsky. Improvisations, Compositions, runnings away, the painter uses the forms and the colours as the musician uses the sounds and the agreements. The Beaudier Painter makes in the same way. Kandinsky wanted to insert of spiritual in Art. Beaudier does it too. The paintings of Kandinsky are the first entirely abstract works of the modern art. Kandinsky always was of avant-garde it exposes with all the new currents of its time and founds even new groups of painting. Like the Beaudier painter. But the world changed. What was not visible time of Kandinsky that in the great exposures is available today on Facebook or Google + for the Beaudier painter. And you will see who says that the work of the Beaudier painter is synonymous with creativity and innovation. The Beaudier painter revolutionizes painting, and that is not made in silence, its influence extends beyond the oceans and to the eyes of all if you can see… 

Point of view :

The horizon represented in green is located at the center of work. The point of view of the spectator, here in yellow, is a little with the top. The eye is naturally attracted by the red. Initially It carries out a rotary sweeping upwards from right to left then from left to right while following the red zones. Then he seeks the sun. He seeks it in the center but he does not see it, therefore he concentrates on his reflections on the right and on the left which are consisted of the hottest colours. 


With the Beaudier Painter and Structurellism any share of the center. And it center is expanding. The colors burst. Framing holds account of it. The prospect is central and the center is framed by the 4 tension fields and the 4 natural points of interests.

Division : 

Pictorial space located on the left is dark. Pictorial space located on the right is much clearer. The central zone is neutral. This treatment in three different zones in luminosity clearly directs the glance of the observer towards the line. Thus symbolically towards the future. All that is on the left, represents the past, the center is the present and the line the future. The center in this prospect is thus transformed into springing. 

Lines :

The diagonals are not simply employed for framing they are also useful for the distribution of the colours. In top and bottom 2 zones contain as a majority of the red and of blue, contrasts bright between a hot colour and a cold colour. On the right and on the left the hot colours dominate. While moving away from the center the coloured sticks of the Beaudier painter gain in intensity as the reflections of a sun would do it which rises behind clouds.

Details : 

The Beaudier painter painted in this style since 2010. The first Structurellist painting, Incandescence, date of May 2010. The fashion is with the cloud, here the logo of the last creative tool of a giant of the software. As it is seen the money does not make anybody more creative nor imaginative… 

Camille Pissarro written with his son Lucien : “ Do we Somme in the error ? … I do not believe it… The only ones which does not undergo the charm, are precisely artists or amateurs who by their errors show us well that feel their fact defect. Remainder, they evoke all logically defects which we see, who burst 
eyes, but the charm… they do not see it…”

“ One neither too scrupulous, neither too sincere, nor is subjected too much to nature; but one is more or less Master of his model and especially of his means of expression. ”

Paul Cézanne.

Light : 

The hottest colours and most luminous are located on the right and on the left of the center. There are twoo beams of light which deviate on each sides of work. The clearest part is on the right because the zone is brighter and the hot colours are there more sharp. 

Colours : 

Contrast between hot and cold colours. 

Contrast between complementary.

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