National Gallery. London. United Kingdom.

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 National Gallery. London. United Kingdom.

Opened 360 days per year the National Gallery in London is governed by the “ Natural history museum and Gallery Act” of 1992. Its goal is to expose paintings coming from the national or private collections of Western Europe from 13th to the 19th century. One finds there the majority of the painters of the English school (Constable, Turner, Gainsborough), but also of the impressionists, the post-impressionists and many paintings, like those of Degas, in new acquisitions. 
The National Gallery counts today more than 2.000 paintings representative of the principal schools of European painting. Its collection of works of the Italian Rebirth is most complete apart from Italy. Among the most remarkable paintings appear the Husbands Arnolfini of Jan Van Eyck, Venus and Mars of Botticelli, the second version of the Virgin to the rocks of Leonardo da Vinci (the first being in Louvre), the Straw hat of Rubens, two Self-portrait of Rembrandt and Venus with the mirror of Velasquez.