Neues Museum. Berlin. Germany. 


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Neues Museum. Berlin. Germany.

The opening of Neues Museum is an major event of the history of the art of the 19th century. Conceived by Friedrich August Stüler and built of 1843 to 1855, the building suffered serious damage during the second world war. A careful work of restoration was started in 2003 and was undertaken by the offices of the British architect David Chipperfield. The frontage and the interiors of the building were carefully preserved. This reconstituted historical building became a modern museum. The museum opened its doors with the public in 2009. It shares several collections: that of Berlin Staatliche Museen, the collection of Egyptian art of the Museum und Papyrussammlung, and that of the museum of Ägyptisches with the prehistoric objects of the und Frühgeschichte and the museum of traditional antiquities of Antikensammlung. This common exposure comprises large-sized objects of a width and of a diversity unequalled, it makes it possible to the visitors to recall the development of the cultures of the Middle East to the Atlantic Ocean, of Scandinavia and North Africa.