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Diego Stocco. Music from Nature.

Diego Stocco. Music from Nature.

To celebrate Earth Day 2012 Burt's Bees asked to Diego to create a video performance in the style of his Music from a Tree.

To expand the concept he also included as "instruments" some of the ingredients used in their products, like honey, almonds, rice, and coconuts; also bees had a musical role in this piece.

He performed the whole composition by playing these natural elements, no synthesizers, samplers or additional sounds have been used.

Here's his customized double bass bow, he attached a tiny microphone to it, so he could capture every possible sound in detail. he played the bass, melody and other tonal elements on a small orange tree, by pinching the twigs in different positions.

This a contact transducer he built, it's extremely sensitive and it allowed to capture very quiet sounds at a much louder volume. he attached few of these on different twigs.

he was able to create a deep bass drum sound by placing a contact microphone on a slice of orange peel.

This is a recording technique he created when he first started making music form trees. 

Music from a Tree It's a customized stethoscope with a microphone attached to it, it allows to turn tiny sounds into larger ones.

Coconuts are great for tonal percussive sounds, he drilled two holes in it to control the tuning of it, in combination with the level of water he left in it. In this picture you can also see the finger mounted microphone.

Also almonds sound great for percussive sounds.

This is the windchime he built with the Burt's Bees tins.

Also bees played a part in his composition.


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