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Museums of Morocco. 

Morocco has 15 Museums concerned with the Ministry for the Cultural Affairs. 
The collections presented in these museums recall the history and the evolution of the habits and the Moroccan traditions through time.
These museums are located in old palates or residences. They are characterized by splendor from their spaces, their exceptional collections and the singularity of some their objects. Since the first voyage of Eugene Delacroix in 1832, the painters dedicate a true worship with the colors and the intense light of Morocco. Filled with wonder by the works carried out by Eugene Delacroix on his return at Tangier, much from painters indeed came to paint in Morocco. During the XIXth century, Matisse, Torres, Tapiés, Majorelle and Miro succumb all to the charms of the landscapes, the colors and the attractive local scenes. Later, Nicolas de Staël, Francis Bacon or Edouard Degas will make in the same way. Today, the country has its own schools of the fine arts and its own Masters. To see in Dar Batha of Fès, in a sumptuous palate, the rooms devoted to arts and traditions. In Rabat, the museum of Moroccan Arts which presents single parts since prehistory until the Islamic time. In Marrakech, in the Mnebhi Palate, in the middle of the medina, of splendid specimens of Coran reflect the richness of penmanship. In Tangier the museum of the contemporary art is installed in the old British consulate.