Museum of Fine Arts. La Paz. Bolivia. 


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Museum of Fine Arts. La Paz. Bolivia. 

The splendid building that the National museum of Arts occupies is undoubtedly one of the greatest examples of the architecture of the XVIIIe century in Bolivia.
In 1960 the building is declared Monument National and is placed at the disposal of the Minister of education. Between 1961 and the 1965 architects Mesa and Gisbert restore the monument which becomes the National museum of Fine Art..
This large masonry belonged to Francisco Tadeo Ten Medina and of Vidango which was Mayor and lawyer with La Paz. It is of mongrel style or Andean baroque and it shows the maestría indigenous hands which cut the stone.
It includes an interior rectangular court surrounded by harmonious arches. The building was completed in 1775. The central court contains a source. Advent to become a Museum this construction was a hotel then a casino.