Museums National of Bardo. Tunisia. 

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Museums National of Bardo. Tunisia. 

The museum of Bardo, in Tunis, is impossible to circumvent, for the richness of its collections. This old palate beylical shelters most beautiful and great exposure of mosaics to the world. The various times of ancient Tunisia are present there, thanks to the objects and sculptures which transmitted their heritages. Part of the museum is devoted to the inheritance arabo-Moslem, with two major sections : that of the Middle Ages, era of very great cultural and scientific richness, and that of modern Tunisia, exploring the ethnography of the country in the expressions of its daily newspaper.
The largest museum of Tunisia holds its reputation of the innumerable parts coming from excavations carried out in the country since the XIXth century. The quality and the scarcity of some of them testify to the historical richness of the country, and its singularity.