Museum of Modern Art. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil.


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Museum of Modern Art. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil. 

The Museum has as a finality the diffusion and the production of Modern art and Contemporary art, the stimulation of the reflection and the debate around the modern art through the organization of seminars, conferences, congress and events.
It places at the disposal of the researchers the library and digital application of its collection. It contributes to the training of the people while answering waitings of the schools, the universities and the public in general.
The museum was inaugurates in 1948. During after war he manages to acquire works of European artists such as Pablo Picasso, Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee. Recently, the Museum of Modern art of Rio de Janeiro, thanks to its teams, developed new tools which make it possible to be documented on complex works. The team of museology develops courses, seminars and establishes connections with other entities which are referred to the Modern art, Brazil and in the world.