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Frederic Edwin Church. Morning in The Tropic. (1858). 
Hudson River School

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Frederic Edwin Church. Morning in The Tropic. (1858). Hudson River School.

This very broad painting and magnificiently composed, carried out some share in the neighborhoods of Ecuador, is not simply an admirable sight. It releases so much from calm and serenity which it can be used as a basis for the meditation. Here the Occident joined the East. As for Chinese painting the landscape is used to create an atmosphere and this with a spiritual aim. For the Hudson River School painter's the size of nature is a divine demonstration. A proof of the existence of God. The contemplation of such works makes it possible to alleviate the spirit and to be able to seek the way, a way which leads to the wisdom of the heart and where : “The seed remembers the tree that it must be”. 

The point of view of the spectator is located between the sun and water. With the first access the glance does not know if it must go up or go down but once the sun located , as there are much more elements in bottom, it goes down. 

On the left the boat and the trees are on the tension field, on the right even thing for the vegetation and of course near the natural points of interest.

The majority of pictorial space is occupied by the sky and the vegetation which are used as a casket with the fog and water.

The horizontal lines on water constitute the base of more tormented lines of the vegetation. Picture is built on the ascending diagonal. 

Details : 

A bird flies in top on the left, another is perched in bottom on the right.

This bird flies to the top of water.

This boat is the only detail which evokes the presence of the man in this landscape.

It is by looking at the sun that the spectator can measure the quantity of fog which is diffused on all pictorial surface. 

Light : 

The light comes from the sun in top and is diffused downwards through the fog. 
Colors :

Harmony between hot colors.

Similar Paintings : 

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