Berthe Morisot

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Berthe Morisot (1841 - 1895)

Berthe Morisot was born in Bourges in 1841. Niece of Fragonard it becomes the pupil of Corot in 1862 and becomes acquainted with Daubigny and Daumier before meeting Manet into 1868 which teaches the technique of the pastel to him.

She approaches the impressionists and exposes with the group of which she becomes an active member. She was the only woman painter to be exposed with the impressionists in 1874. The Cradle was one of the rare tables to be appreciated by criticism with this impressionist exposure. In 1877 it marries Eugene brother of Manet of which it becomes the sister-in-law. Its preferred topics are the navy, the landscapes and the family scenes. Its style is characterized by an at the same time sensitive and assured very free invoice, by tender colors and transparent white. Its invoice remains always delicate and subtle. Its technique, based on large light keys applied freely and on the use of clear colours, confers on its works a made iridescent, transparent quality.