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The Beaudier Painter : Glances. (01.2011)
The Beaudier Painter : Revelation. (2011)
Structurellism of the Beaudier Painter
The Beaudier Painter : Third Eye.(2011).  

Willie Shapira. Moon Light. (02/2012). Structurellism. 

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Willie Shapira. Moon Light. (02/2012). Structurellism. 

A night picture, with the sky, the moon and its reflection in water, dominant of cold colors which contrast with gilded, plunges us in a soft and romantic atmosphere. Structurellism often accustomed us to gushings of hot colors, however Willie Shapira, while conforming to the rules of the movement: the central prospect, of the colors which radiate since the center, preserves a poetic universe very personal, different, here a little melancholic person. The artist can keep his spontaneousness and what makes the richness of its art, a rich and delicate imaginary universe a significant and emotive vision of nature. The painting releases an atmosphere relatively close to a romantic landscape. It is the emotion before the beauty of the nature which dominates and which touches the spectator. Behind the feelings which painting causes each one can be posed of the very personal questions.

The point of view of the spectator is a little at the top of the horizon.
The geographical center of painting is on the horizon. The moon is near the right superior natural point of interest. The flowers in the foreground are on the left 2 natural points of interest. The sky occupies the higher half. 
The higher half of the painting is reserved for the sky. The lower half is occupied by water and the ground in equal proportions.
The principal guiding lines are organized starting from the center of the picture. That the lines relate to the sky (clouds or trails in the sky), water (reflections or movements) or the ground (relief) their directions remains the same one, from the center towards with dimensions ones of the painting.
Details : 
The moon is a typically female symbol, the moonlight is often associated with languorous and impassioned moments. It is with the moonlight that in love one makes its statement, or proves its passion. This moment evokes romantic and emotional moments.
This part of the painting has colors of fire, it strongly contrasts with the whole of picture.
These flowers in the foreground give depth of field to the painting. Located on the same diagonal they are also a recall of the round lunar form.
Light : 
The light comes initially from the moon, then of its reflection in water. The reflections diffuse the lunar light in all the directions.
Colors :
Une magnifique harmonie entre couleurs froides et les diverses teintes du bleu au violet, un contraste avec des couleurs chaudes. 
Similar paintings : 
Willie Shapira. Swirl of the Dancer of Flamenco. (2011). 
In this painting one finds some colors of the pallet of the colors used for Moon Light. The blue ones and the purple ones. 
Willie Shapira. Sky and Sea. 
A sunrise between sky and sea can also be the subject of a Structurellist painting. This topic is rather impressive here with in the foreground the sea like an immense wave and a sky with the multiple reflections. The whole made up in a blue harmony of the most beautiful effect. Click to see the website of Willie Shapira. 
Willie Shapira. Explosion. ((12/2011).

Here another Structurelliste painting of the same artist who is a bursting of hot colors. It illustrates the other manner of making of Structurellisme. Whereas Moon Light is all carefully and in nuances and releases a romantic atmosphere, Explosion is a gushing of pure and hot colors. 
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