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Lost Paradises of Marcel Caram. 
Digital Surrealist Painter.



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Lost Paradises of Marcel Caram. Digital Surrealist Painter.

Marcel Caram is a Brazilian artist who practices surrealism, except that instead of using brushes he uses his mouse and his computer to create or modify images. Whatever the means used it is the result which is important and in this case it is satisfactory. 
Marcel Caram employs the colors of Dali, the universe of Dali, the forms close to those of Dali but works, if they are also representative of the verist tendency of surrealism, do not call upon the powerful Archetypal that Ernst and Dali were accustomed to employing. Many objects are simple objects, recognizable and whose significance is identifiable. This world is of course that of the dream but it is in charge of significance for that which wants to see well. Certain objects rather often return, the scales, the balloons, the flowers with the long stems. There is often disproportion. The man is either too small, or too tall, or it does not have the good tools to achieve a task.
This poetic world is sometimes very close to childhood and the universe of a dada movement. The man would like to fly like a bird, is similar to a puppet, is not in his place. Many tears of colours also in the pictures, of the tears which run because of the lost paradise. Here is the deep nostalgia of what expresses Marcel Caram and his poetry also, the man is a fallen angel, fallen from the sky and which seeks to go back there without never arriving there. Cruel destiny… Subject of many tables. The apple and the tree of the original sin are represented, the son redeemer too. What is necessary to believe ? Here is the question which raise all the pictures with much poetry and a soft nostalgia. 

Without too much blackness nor of pessimism.