Museum of Israel. Jerusalem.


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Museum of Israel. Jerusalem.

Israel has more than 130 museums, of which most important are the museum of Tel-Aviv and the museum from Israel to Jerusalem which contains a large collection of Jewish art folk, a collection of modern sculptures, objects biblical and archaeological and especially part of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered as from 1947 in caves close to the site of Kirbet Qumran, in Palestine, on north-western bank of the Dead Sea.
Written in the beginning on leather or papyrus, the Dead Sea Scrolls are approximately 900, they are allotted to the members of a sect Jewish unknown factor hitherto. They include handbooks of discipline, books of canticles, comments biblical and apocalyptic texts. The country counts also more than 500 public libraries of which most notable are the Jewish National library and the library of the Hebraic university of Jerusalem.