The Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao opens its annex in Paris.


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The Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao opens its annex in Paris.

It is known that in Art there exist forgeries and copies but there exist today copies of museums practically 
to the identical one! Yep! 

Concerning the Contemporary art the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao is by far, the most beautiful museum of Europe 
and one of most beautiful in the world. 

The Guggenheim Museum delegated its architect North America Frank Gehry to open a copy of the Museum of Bilbao
 in edge of the wood from Boulogne to Paris.

The general shape of the Museum of Bilbao east that of a sailing ship all open sails. (You can see here).

 In Bilbao, city at the edge of the ocean, that is understood. On the other hand a boat in edge drunk wood of Boulogne… 
One does not understand well.

Finally for the moment it is full with air and as the winters it comes will be used as shelters 
with the small birds and it will light the embarrassing scenes of the wood, which the nights it is known, 
are some-little agitated. 

The building was financed by a former millionaire of the textile (Boussac Brothers) 
become merchant of skin of cow. 

And surprising thing it refuses to say how much that cost him ! 
Can be for fear one guesses his wages and his inheritance of ex - future Belgian. 

If you already visited a tannery you will understand that as window of the luxury 
one can largely better make. Impossible to describe the odor without being vulgar, sorry, 
this odor is so strong that one wonders how one can support it a whole day. 

The work of the workmen tanners is one of most painful. 
The skins are washed with the salt and the stones of alum, then scraped, then a bath in quicklime.
 Work is also dangerous. A workman tanner gains the minimum : 
1201,59€ gross monthly, for a very physical work, and, rule not written in the tanneries the trade unions are prohibited. 

One knows the saying “ Registered you in trade union and you go back …”.

A bag in skin of cow, it there does not have an anonymous cow, is worth between 880 € and 2800 €. 

It is sold in shops of luxury or on the Champs-Élysées. 

Of course for the image impossible to make enter Chinese, Japanese or a journalist, even with the boot, in a tannery. 

Thus to as much carry out it in boat in edge of the wood of Boulogne by hoping that it goes gober 
what one is used to him to eat. 
If you want to see Modern art you will go to the Tate Modern, or to Bilbao to see the original museum 
which is not empty.
And this summer visit a tannery, 
blow when you do not see the price of the bags you do not want any more but one : 
to make eat with the saleswoman. Or with its Employer… 

While waiting to organize a circuit tannery for Chinese and Japanese… 

Recall : there are old skins in Paris but not of cows in the center town. October 24.2014.

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