The Great wall. China. 


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The Great wall. China. 

The Great wall of China is a fortification built along the borders North and the North-West of China. The first sections were built under the order of the sovereigns of Chunqiu-Zhanguo (800-400 before J. - C.). The building has made it possible to the Chinese sovereigns to be protected from the people of North, in particular of Xiongnu, tribe connected in Huns. The major part of the wall was set up under the reign of Shi Huangdi, first emperor of the Qin dynasty, which also feared the forwardings carried out by the wandering people of the steppes of North. The construction of the Wall and is completed v. 204 before J. - C. More than 300.000 men took part in the building site. Han (206 bef. J. - C.), then Sui (589 - 618) continue its construction. The dynasty of Ming (1368 - 1644) contributes to its extent and its consolidation, replacing the ground works by masonry. The fortification reached finally length a 6.700 km. The wall 4,6 m is broad to 9,1 m at its base (6 m on average) and narrows in its top (3,7 m). Its height oscillates between 3 and 8 Meter. Of the turns of guet 12 height m are placed about all the 200 Mr. the part Is Great wall is intact on several hundred kilometers.