Getty Center. Los Angeles. 


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Getty Center. Los Angeles. 33

Will of the museum J. Paul Getty in Los Angeles is to inspire the curiosity and the pleasure while preserving and by exposing works of Visual Arts of a great quality and of historical importance. To achieve this mission, the museum continues to establish its collections by new acquisitions and develops programs, exposures, publications, research and public educational actions. For this purpose Getty Center has 2 spaces. The Getty villa and the Getty Center. Getty Center in Los Angeles shelters European paintings, the decorative drawings, sculpture, illuminations, arts, and the European and American photographs. January 28th, 2006 Getty Center opened the Getty villa in Malibu after the completion of an important renovation project. The Villa is a museum and an educational center devoted to the study of arts and Greek, Roman cultures and Etruscans of antiquity. The villa contains about 44.000 works of art of which more than 1.200 are exposed. In these two spaces: the Getty villa in Malibu and Getty Center in Los Angeles, the museum of J. Paul Getty proposes a vast range of educational programs supplemented by the programming of exposures.