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Fernande Garay : Forest

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Fernande Garay : Forest.

The informal art with L opposite of the geometric abstraction gives up any rule of form and composition and privileges the spontaneous act. Here we are very close to the action painting, a painting of instinct, with the spontaneous gestuality. However the gesture of the artist remains sure and the feature preserves a great firmness. The colors are extremely hot so that this forest with its harmonies of analogies between hot colors makes think of a blazing inferno. The forest symbolically indicates a psychic process whose contents do not move away too much from the areas dominated by ego. Sometimes sinks, sometimes luminous, the forest appears the unconscious and invisible life of the outside; it conceals beings multiple, peaceful or dangerous, and can gather what one day will end up leaving in the cultivated and clear field our conscience. Our obscure unconscious contains what our wise existence and line defend to let appear at the great day. In the forest are many allegories which, when they appear, reflect our relations with interior characters. Fire is him contemporary with any rise of the human culture, it is this value of culture which the symbolic system of fire dissimulates. One of large the quality of the heart it is its fire. Moreover fire is the allegory of the eternal life. Everywhere where fire rises this one is addressed to the man, it is in its nature to radiate to heat and light. This fire in the forest symbolic system expresses the life, the heat, the passion and the proximity of divine powers.