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Martin Johnson Heade. (1819 – 1904). The Great Florida Sunset. (1887). 

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Martin Johnson Heade. (1819 – 1904). The Great Florida Sunset. (1887). 

It is about Everglades area marshy and wet with many lakes, located at the south of 
Florida in the USA. The landscape is open, on each sides nature is dark. In the 
center, in water and the sky, the light. And what a light ! Last pink rays, oranges and 
even purple of the setting sun. The painting is superb by its composition and its colors. Like the impressionists in France, the American painters of Hudson River School seek to reproduce the atmospheric effects. But not in the same manner. Their manner is more realistic and melancholic, nearer to the romanticism. 

The horizon is low, the point of view of the witness is just above. 

Trees are near the tension fields and the natural point of interest, by their slope, guide the glance towards the center and with far.

The sky occupies more of the 2 thirds of pictorial space, water less than one third.

Which are oblique or horizontal the hot lines convergent all worms the geographical center of the painting. With far with the medium from the sky. 

Details : 

With him only this simple detail could be the object of a splendid painting.

It is the setting sun which gives to the clouds these orange and pink colors.

The reflection of the clouds in water gives a pink color which does not seem to disturb ducks.

Light : The light comes from the left it still clarifies a broad part of the scene.

Colors : Harmonize between color heats. 

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