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Martin Johnson Heade. (1819 – 1904). The Great Florida Marsh. (1886). 

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Martin Johnson Heade. (1819 – 1904). The Great Florida Marsh. (1886). 

State of the south-east of the United States Florida has a surface of 151 940 km2. The landscape which one sees here corresponds to the area of Everglades, located at the south of the State. Everglades consist of marshes and small islands covered with an abundant vegetation : pines, palm trees, cypress, mangroves. The whole of the area was set up in national park. This landscape is a model of composition. In the foreground water and immediately on the left the vegetation which carefully guides the glance of the witness to far. The quite detailed foreground gives even more depth of field to this image. Here the painter by his framing, his precision and his technique becomes practically photographer… 

The point of view of the witness is just with the top of the horizon. 

The principal trees are located on the tension fields and the natural points of interest.

The sky occupies almost 2 thirds of pictorial space, water less than one third.

The painting is built on the large ascending diagonal of left on the right. What is remarkable in this landscape it is that the trees and the vegetation on the left in the foreground guide the glance with far immediately. 

Details : 

As often these marshes are a refuge for many species of birds of which waders.

Simple chance or aesthetic will the clouds seems to be the prolongation of the foliage of the trees.

In the foreground, in water, the flowers of the water lilies are not any more with the sun and are closed.

Light : The painting is enlightened of in top and the left. 

Colors : Harmonize between hot colors. 

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