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Fernando Naviskas. Painter of Energy and Painter of the Kingdom…


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Fernando Naviskas

Fernando Naviskas. Live in Concert. (2012). Structurellism.

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Fernando Naviskas. Painter of Energy and Painter of the Kingdom…

Fernando Naviskas is graduate Faculty of the fine arts of São Paulo since 1984. São Paulo in Brazil, its birthplace, provides him a great number of its subjects of predilection. As Fernando exposed to Brazil, in the USA, in Portugal, in Germany, in Japan but also in France with the Structurellists Painters you will recognize also certain places and monuments of Paris. 
The broad topics of the artist are : music, night life of the cities, crowd, landscapes, portraits. Inspired by impressionism, the expressionnism and the key of Van Gogh, Fernando seeks to capture and represent the atmosphere and the energy which emerges, amongst other things, of the human activities. Rare are the painters able to make “vibrate” as much their painting and their colours, so much so that it seems that certain tables are truly shivering, to tremble, to vibrate. This impression that the colours quiver comes from the use of small keys of pure colours, very hot, very contrasted and which emerge in works in multiple points or lines. These points and these lines are never motionless, the forms move in space. This movement does not relate to only the light. We know that the light moves in space because we can see it. 
The artist wants to also represent the invisible one, for example the displacement of the sound waves. Itself musician, the painter knows that on scene the musicians communicate between them without words and that the relation which is tied with the public is not an ordinary relation. In this direction the artist intuitively perceives multiple energies and retranscribes them on its painting. A landscape always returns to an atmosphere which the impressionists sought to recreate by painting their “impressions”. Multiple scientific work showed that there exists also a perception will infra preliminary, of the feelings which are collected by the sense but which are addressed directly to the unconscious one. These phenomena explain number of animal behaviors but also human behaviors which relate to affectivity and in particular the attachment. In lower part of the ordinary level of conscience we can perceive certain energies. It is what Fernando Naviskas does and therefore we say that it is, with others, the Painter of Energy. We also say that he is the painter of the Kingdom.

An apostle asked Christ: “ Where is the Kingdom of your father ? ”
And Jesus answered: “ The Kingdom of heaven is here, in the middle of you. ” 

If there exists a little divine in us, only art makes it possible to reach it !