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The Beaudier Painter : Glances. (01.2011) The Beaudier Painter : Revelation. (2011) Structurellism of the Beaudier Painter The Beaudier Painter : Third Eye.(2011). 

Pierrette Chapus. Essentia. (01.2012). Structurellism.

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Painting with the Magnifying glass. Zoom.

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Pierrette Chapus. Essentia. (01.2012). Structurellism.

The artist known as to be inspired by the visit of Arboretum of Balaine, in Villeneuve of Allier. This botanical park, one of oldest of France, classified historic building in 1993, has gardens with English 19th century and exotic collections of floral essences. In the Skinny one, Spinoza declares: “That whose essence wraps the existence”, it is moreover the existence like “Essentia Actuosa” or power to be. Moreover there exists current a philosophical essentialist. The philosophy of Edith Stein is founded on the postulate which the man must endeavor to reach wisdom by starting a search of the truth centered on the religious belief. To paint and create are also an act of faith, faith in oneself even and faith in humanity and with the division. Nature can to sometimes appear us as a manifestation of divine because its splendor can be unbounded. The painting is presented in the form of an immense open flower deploying the hottest colors. The dominant color is the orange. Credit and invigorating orange wakes up the directions, revives the emotions and causes a feeling of wellbeing. In the religious art, the orange symbolizes the revelation of the Universal Love. The language symbolic Christian employs the saffron or the orange one to represent the divinity illuminating the spirit of the faithful ones. At the time medieval, the young wives adorn a vermilion dress.
The buddhist monks wear a saffroned dress, and the knights of St Spirit an orange velvet cross. The orange is also the color of the Epicureans. It joins the pleasure concrete good taste of living. It wakes up the feelings of the body. 

The point of view of the spectator is a little at the top of the center of the painting.

The tree in the foreground is on the right tension field between 2 natural points of interest.

From the center, pink, the zones colors radiate in concentric circles. 
The angles of the fabric, the parts furthest away from the center, are very flourishing colors.

The center of painting (pink) evokes the heart of a flower. Further one finds the general shape of the jasmine or the poppy in flower. As in the majority of the structurellist’s paintings there exists a feeling of bursting. The colors and the forms, the elements which seem as expelled as well as the guiding lines underline this movement. The tree in the foreground reinforces the prospect.

Details : 

The corner higher right lets appear a little blue. We can suppose that it is the sky in background.

The corner lower right consists of multiple colors of which some rather different from dominant very hot from the painting. These colors seem in conflict, they are superimposed and to the bottom one notes an almost earthy pallet, can be because of the proximity of the ground.
The picture is a oil-base paint achieved by means of a knife. One sees well (especially by using the zoom) that the keys are not quite broad, the knife is fine, they imbricate the ones in the others a little like fish scales.
This painting is an enormous work completed with much meticulousness.

The central part is to be compared with a true flower. Note the smoothness of the features. The flowers offer to us their beauty in answer to the care that the human being their spendthrift. It is always the symbol of impressions or harmonious and positive emotions.

Light : 

The light is induced by the hottest colors, yellow and orange. These colors by their distribution on the picture reinforce the feeling of bursting. Blossoming of colors but also of scents. Always starting from the center.
Colors : Harmonize between hot colors.

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