Arcimboldo: The Spring Arcimboldo : The Earth  Arcimboldo : Vertumus Arcimboldo : The Bookseller
Murillo : The Young Beggar Monet : Sun impression raising Monet : The Magpie Monet : The Field off Poppies
Renoir : On the Terrace Le Lorrain : one Seaport setting sun

Renoir :At the edge of the Sea  

Renoir : In the Hills 
Véronèse : The Wedding at Cana  Seurat : Poseuse de Profil Gainsborough : Conversation in a Park

De Hooch : The Drinker

Véronèse : The Martyrdom Véronèse : Barnabé. Véronèse : Vénus And Adonis Tintoret : Pietà
Tintoret : Last Cène  Tintoret : Tarquin and Lucrèce  Tintoret : The Origin of the Milky Way 

Fernande Garay : The Tree of Life

Fernande Garay : Forest

Gustav Klimt : The Kiss

Jean Marie Barre : Transfer

 Jean Marie Barre : It was that of the Doctor



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Jean Marrie Barre : It was that of the doctor. .

Comments of the painter : " Sometimes it becomes difficult to earn its living, even as doctor, contrary to other times. " It is indeed a picture, the art of the artist photorealist consists in challenging the witness so that he wonders : Photograph or painting ? By thus acting the speech on the form and perception dominates. The witness must wonder whether it can trust his directions and its sight to apprehend the world which surrounds it… If its sight and its directions can be thus handled of which means does lay out you it to distinguish the truth from the illusion ? The purpose of this language is to reveal the operations of the marketing which, as each one can understand itis a monumental illusion. 

Take a piece of skin of cow which does not cost anything, send it in a tannery where the wages of the tanners are much thinner than the cow in spite of abominable working conditions (only odor…) and treat this small piece of skin so that it resembles a wallet. If your name is Lucy Vickstrike your initial leather obtained. Find a banker cooperating, recruit an expert in marketing, any street pedlar on a fair makes the deal, you will discover after some advertising campaigns that because you are american and that Japanese never saw an alive cow of his life it can spend 3 months of wages to have a wallet struck with your initial… 

Madness of the illusion carries out the world !