De Young Museum. San Francisco.


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De Young Museum. San Francisco. 

The Art department of the DeYoung Museum to San Francisco includes more than 1000 works which go back to 1670 to our days. The presentation is chronological, with dimensions of American art the museum juxtaposes work of various cultures and periods. The galleries are devoted to : American native art and Spanish colonial art; art anglo – colonial ; federal and neo-classic art ; victorian and realistic art ; Trompe- l’oeil and still life ; the school of Barbizon the Hudson river school ; 
impressionism; modernism; social realism; surrealism and the abstraction ; pop art, representational art and contemporary art. The Museum is at the same time a library and the most important research center on the art of the west coast for American art. Since 1991 the museum also lodges files of American microfilms of art.